Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kingsbridge Wrestling Connection 04/28/10

We are back and fully loaded. This weeks KWC has us talking WWE Draft and an analysis of what TNA has done in 2010. We also talk about our own top 5 when we comes to producing a sucessful wrestler company. When you have three people who obviously have very different views on the wrestling business there's sure to be some arguments. We talk Ted Dibiase's Virgil search, Missy Hyatt's questionable boyfriends, and Eddie's scrub of the week...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

KWC Podcast 04/22/10 Future EndeavorsCast

We're back for another KWC Podcast. Both Eddie and John lost their voices in Vegas, but only once guy was willing to work hurt for the fans. Eddie is here to talk about all the recent WWE releases, why they got fired, the role the KWC had in getting them fired and how quickly TNA would take them. We also have TNA's biggest fan talks about missing the best Impact in years. We learn about the newest dance moves at the club (hint: La Parka made it.) There's no Eddie's Scrub of the Week this week, but with all these releases, maybe we're all scrubs in the end.

Kingsbridge Wrestling Connection 2010 WWE Draft Preview

The KWC is bringing the analytics with a preview of the upcoming 2010 WWE Draft by Tdaddysmooth. We talk about the WWE's weak roster being spread across two shows, the purpose of the draft, and who should and shouldn't get drafted. We also talk about some mistakes in past drafts, and when wrestlers find out they are being drafted. As always we can be reached on twitter at and email at

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kingsbridge Wrestling Connection 04/07/10

The KWC Podcast is back and improved for your satisfaction. We shoot on the entire industry again, talking the new Hart & Soul, Hart Foundation dvd, top wrestling moments we wish we didn't miss, Impact vs. Raw, Hulk Hogan being the greatest of all time, and Eddie's scrub of the week. Also, don't forget, you have a chance to win WWE's ROYAL RUMBLE 2003 if you sign up for our weekly email at It's a win-win situation.