Thursday, December 9, 2010

Kingsbridge Wrestling Connection 12/01/10

We're back after a one week delay. Podcasting the Friday after Thanksgiving was a failed experiment. We talk about Mick Foley leaving TNA soon(the KWC isn't saddened by this). We also bash the Kane vs. Edge feud, and more.

Kingsbridge Wrestling Connection 11/17/10

Ole Evans couldn't make it tonight, but John and Troy are here to drop science. John defends Alex Wright, we talk Old School Raw, and John gives us his impressions of ROH on HDNet.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kingsbridge Wrestling Connection 11/10/10

John Tarver returns for a 4 week hiatus and we have the whole Connection back. Eddie tries to tell the difference between R Truth and Cryme Time. John reminds us that he had better Wrestlemania tickets then 5 time NBA Champion Robert Horry. We also compliment John Cena on being one of the few main eventers lucky enough not to wear his underwear to the ring every night. As always we can be reached at

Kingsbridge Wrestling Connection 11/03/10

We're back, but much like the Nexus, we had to trim the weight by dropping John "Michael" Tarver for the show. We get a review of Eddie being live at Raw in Long Island. We talk about Linda McMahon's failed attempt to get elected for Senator. There's also some complaints about how we're forced to watch TNA Reaction to see the Impact Main event. As always reach us at

Kingsbridge Wrestling Connection 10/13/10

We're putting out 4 shows in one day!! That's not because we recorded four, we just forgot to upload them. As always reach us at Tonight we talk about John and Eddie's trip to Florida, missing Impact, but catching FCW (WWE developmental territory.) John also reviews the WWE Best of the High Flyers dvd which can be purchased at fine retailers everywhere.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Kingsbridge Wrestling Connection 09/29/10

The KWC talks about NXT’s failure to get fans excited about season 3, we review Chris Jericho’s dvd Breaking the Code, and we even sneak in a TNA review by the end.

Kingsbridge Wrestling Connection 09/22/10

The KWC tries to debut a new theme song into rotation, Derek Jeter’s Eddie Guerrero immitation, and Randy Orton still sucks as a babyface.